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New York Central System - Spec 486 Boxcar Decal

Peoria & Eastern version 1940s-50s


During the mid 1920’s, the New York CentralSystem purchased several Lots of 40ft steel  boxcars loosely based on the earlier 50 ton steel USRA boxcar design.


This decal set provides car-specific lettering  for one of three cars assigned to the P&E, plus number-jumbles and additional reweigh info for any other car number. 

This set decorates ONE car, Full car-specific lettering is included for:

Lot 531-B, P&E-3524 (3500~3599)  ACF - St Louis, 1926

Lot 491-B, P&E 3739 (3700~4116)  ACF - St Louis, 1924

Lot 491-B, P&E 4086 (3700~4116)  ACF - St Louis, 1924


P&E Spec 486 Boxcar Decal - Peoria & Eastern - S-scale 1:64

SKU: 64-1903
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