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As of September 2023... retail sales of MP10 switch motors are handled through MRCS (Model Railroad Control Systems):



Mounting compatible  with Tortoise™  Slow Motion Switch Machine

  • Two- wire or three-wire control
  • Two auxiliary switching contacts
  • 4 adjustable throw ranges
  • Slow movement, high torque


The MP10 combines the functions of the basic MP1 together with the advanced features of the MP5, while maintaining a low price.  It is designed as a compatible replacement for the Tortoise™ switch machine,  with the same mounting footprint, but a much reduced installation height. 


A motorized internal gear train increases power and reduces the speed of movement.


The MP10 has two independent internal SPDT auxiliary switching contacts with a capacity of 1A each. At the end of an activation cycle which draws 110ma, the motor is turned off, with no residual current draw.


Detachable polarized connector included for ease of wiring. Screw terminals for 16-22 AWG wire.


The MP10 can be powered via either a Two-wire connection, with movement  controled by the polarity of the power supply, or by a Three-wire connection, alternately applying power to  contol movement.


The adjustable throw range of 3.5, 6.0,  9.5, or 12.5mm suits many gauges, including Z, N, TT, HO, S and O.

MTB MP10 Versatile Switch Motor - Qty 1

SKU: 90-9101
  • A detailed application note is available from MRCS (Model Railroad Control Systems) at:

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