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This classic 1935 version of the New York Central System System Oval is based on the original NYC drawing Z-50297, Aug 16, 1935.  Copies of this drawing are available from the NYC Historical Society.


The system oval is -exactly- 4 feet 0-3/8 inches by 2 feet 8-1/2 inches... with an oval outline thickness of 1-3/16 inches. The herald features the distinctive lettering style for the 'Central' and traditional serifs on the letters for  "New York' and 'System'.


This artwork was created using a full-sized digital version of Z-50297, which was then traced in Adobe Illustrator to create the most accurate version possible.  The vector artwork is probably accurate to about 0.01 prototype inches, and scalable to ANY size.


This 'System' version herald is provided as a two-part decal;
a printed black oval and printed white lettering to be overlaid on top.  
Set contains two (2) heralds.

NYC System Oval - 1935 all-serif version S - 1:64

SKU: 64-1910
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