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New York Central System - CCC&StL Spec 486 Lot 559-B  Boxcar Decal;

as-built pre-1935 lettering with 'Linse' herald.


During the mid 1920’s, the New York Central purchased several Lots of 40ft steel boxcar loosely based on the earlier 50 ton steel  USRA boxcar design.  


This decal set is applicable to cars assigned to the CCC&StL, painted in the original 1927 lettering style, with the 'Lines' herald.


This decal set provides car-specific lettering  for one of three specific in-service cars, plus number-jumbles and additional reweigh info for any other car number.  

This set decorates ONE car, Car-specific lettering is included for:

Lot 559-B, CCC&StL  S-31998  AC&F - St. Louis, 1927

Lot 559-B, CCC&StL  S-49820  AC&F - St. Louis, 1927

Lot 559-B, CCC&StL  S-49999  AC&F - St. Louis, 1927


The 'Lines' herald is provided as a two-part decal;
a printed black oval and printed white lettering to be overlaid on top.  

CCC&StL Spec 486 Lot 559-B Boxcar Decal - pre-1935; S - 1:64

SKU: 64-1914
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